What is Blogates?

Blogates is a free, web-based tool that allows you publish to the web instantly – whenever the urge strikes. It provides you with powerful tools for creating full-featured blogs. If you are a blogger, online diarist or writer, you will find Blogates responding to your increasing demand for better functionality.

What is a blog?

Short form for web log, a blog is simply an online log book or diary. You may post or record anything from the serious to the funny. Or from the important to the trivial.You may write a blog or you may have a group of friends to contribute to a blog. Your blog may consist of a commentary with links to other web sites. Images as well as search facilities may also be included. Your blog may attract feedback and comments from viewers worldwide.Blogates understands your blogging needs and helps you to build your site easily. It archives and organizes your posts. You can publish and journalize your thoughts even if you have no experience in HTML, FTP or graphic design.Now posting your thoughts and uploading photos is just a click of the mouse away.

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